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Prompt AI
SEO Know How
Killer products to scale globally

Build a complete digital profile of trade companies in each vertical market and use the privileged data to train industry-specific models.

Online Consultation
Self-developed website building tools efficiently build an exclusive independent station
Immediately start a new cross-border thinking
Support Code Editing
Website pages support code editing, meet personalized website customization needs
Google Cloud Server
Worldwide GCP node acceleration, full-featured component optimization, help the website to open in seconds
Data Security
Security maintenance: 7*24 monitoring and maintenance system, keeps the website safe and running at any time, handle website issues in a timely manner
Marketing Tools
Self-built marketing tools, support multiple marketing methods, discount, full discount, bundle sale, flash sale, rich functions to promote transactions
Application Market
Independently develop a variety of marketing tools to support various business models: Bringing together high-quality developers from all over the world, check in a large number of plug-ins, help new business possibilities
Intelligent Customer Management System
Refined order management、client: visualization、stereoscopic data analysis, show business status, help business operations
B2B Exclusive technology function module
Create overseas online web portals
Inquiry function
IM instant messenger

High-quality and accurate inquiry function, inquiry Information email Reminder, automatic allocation, sent to the backstage of the merchant as soon as possible, improve inquiry management efficiency

Online Consultation
Ever-changing website effects meet the display needs of different categories
Supporting a variety of website styles across industries, meeting businesses' visual and interactive requirements. Offering flexible theme page editing and AI-generated industry frameworks.
Success Case Exhibit
Case number one:
Huida Prinect
Company Profile
Huida Pingtong Photosensitive Material Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial agglomeration area of Dazhou Town, Changge City, Henan Province, obvious regional advantages, is set research and development、production、comprehensive inspection as one of specialization、large-scale printing plate manufacturing enterprise.After years of business development, already operating international stations and traditional offline foreign trade, in order to further expand overseas business territory, Huida Prinect hopes to build its own brand independent station, while undertaking the role of brand overseas promotion, add inquiry leads, get new business growth.
Sea Experience
Tried traditional offline foreign trade、international station to sea, but too much competition, inquiry cost is too high
Service Effect
Inquiry costs dropped 50%, sales growth over the same period 12%
case two:
A mid-cap listed company in new construction materials
1.Stagnating growth:The company relied on alibaba as its only digital advertising channels for years with no improvement in performance.
2.No distinguished brand :Tried and failed branding efforts.
3.Low ROI in digital advertising:ROI has been diminishing in recent years; while they increase purchase of internet traffic, the conversion rates get lower
4.No customer profile:No insights on customers profile and market insights.
Solution: Xunlu AI- Website+SEO+Digital Advertising
Automatically define and select key words with high search rankings in respective markets/languages for SEO and SEM. As the result, more target clients finds BRD metals via google search, and paid internet traffic is more accurate and generates more leads per $ spent.
Service Effect
Setup fee down by 40%, closed deals up by 500%, cost per sales lead down by 33%,labor cost saving 88%.
case three:
Leading e-commerce
Company Profile
Leading e-commerce is a Yiwu enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of e-commerce for many years, mainly meet the needs of overseas merchants for customized jewelry production and drop shipping.In the early days of the company's establishment, it explored independent stations, but website construction is limited, general effect, to improve website lead conversion, now expect to upgrade the brand, optimize website, start again.
Sea Experience
Do traditional foreign trade, also used an independent station to do foreign trade, but marketing data and inquiry conversion have been poor
Service Effect
Inquiry costs drop 55%, sales growth over the same period 18%
Service Team Introduce
Rich experience in cross-border e-commerce industry, responsible for the entire business process communication, including account Opening&Recharge and other links
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project management&coordinating, adjust strategies based on data changes, achieve incremental cost reduction, daily abnormal emergency investigation, risk prevention and control strategy formulation
Prompt Engineer
Prompt Engineer
A reliable professional who thrives on delivering prompt and effective technical support.
Our R&D team creates cutting-edge AI marketing solutions, revolutionizing traditional website building. Explore our Xunlu AI products for the perfect solution to your cross-border expansion.

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